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    California spreads over 1.450 kilometers along the coastal line, with its southern border touches the north of Mexico. It is an all-year-round holiday destination with an endless variety of activities to offer to almost everyone!

    From misty forests, cliff-lined beaches, the Sierra Nevada mountains, green valley, the desert and big cities, it’s not a surprise if you need more than one trip to really get to explore California. In the north, there are redwood forests and famous national parks for all the nature lovers to discover. Yosemite National Park, for instance, boasts the world’s tallest trees. While San Francisco holds the one of the world’s iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate bridge. At the same time, Los Angeles is home to the famed Hollywood, a place that tirelessly attracts tourists from around the world and that you should not miss.

    If you are looking for a flavoursome holiday, California might just be your answer.

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