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    We specialise in customised product portfolios & services!

    Our Way

    We provide added value for clients and hotels by generating competitive travel products, solutions, and minimising time to market.

    Our aim is sustainable and profitable growth with our partners, focusing on mutual synergies, process efficiency, technology driven solutions and market opportunities.

    How we work

    We believe in partnership!
    We consider ourselves an established partner network, with our clients, suppliers and our local teams, always looking to add value. We are flexible to adapt proactively to market changes, opportunities and our partners.

    Technology is key to us. Our innovative technology is managed from a central hub. We believe in finding solutions which increase productivity and process efficiency. We offer the most customised solutions in the most economical way.

    Business Model

    This workflow shows the various options for distributing our product, from real time to traditional static contracts. It is an all in one interface which opens the door to our 65 destinations.

    Who are we

    Michael Frey
    Laura Prats
    Daniel Barros
    Colette Ernst
    Michael Frey

    Chief Executive Officer

    Michael Frey is a tourism executive with over 20 years of experience.

    As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at OTS Globe, he has been instrumental in building it into a leading hotel trading company. From day one he has contributed to its fast growth and sustainable position in the market. OTS Globe is based in Switzerland and belongs to the MTS Globe Group, where Michael has worked for almost 12 years.

    Michael’s role includes managing Products, Sales, Operations and Supplier Integration.

    Laura Prats

    Head of Credit Control

    For one year, Laura Prats worked at MTS Globe in Palma de Mallorca as a Treasury Analyst. However, given her 10 years of experience in tourism working in leading hotel trading companies, particularly in the area of finance, she moved to OTS Globe in 2016.

    As a Head of Credit Control her role focuses on managing & reconciling customer accounts, supporting in accounts receivable reporting & analysis, visiting customers to establish relationships, supporting credit worthiness assessment of customers by analysing Financial Statements, ensuring the correct procedures are followed.

    Daniel Barros

    Product Director

    Throughout the 13 years of his career, Daniel Barros has been working in different areas of tourism. These areas include Excursions, Transfers and Contracting in prominent tourism companies.

    He began his career with MTS Globe Group in 2009, spending 4 years as Contracting Assistant at MTS Globe. In 2013, he joined OTS Globe and has been with us ever since.

    As a Product Director, his main task is to ensure that our hotel portfolio meets our clients´ needs. This includes making sure that the right product, inventory and best price are on sale, to achieve the maximum conversion.

    Colette Ernst

    Business Development Director

    During her 25+ years in the tourism industry, Colette Ernst has worked in various positions with leading international Tour Operators. Her areas of expertise include Destination & Product planning, Sourcing, B2B Sales, Project Management and implementation.

    She joined OTS Globe in 2020.

    As a Business Development Director her role includes strategic planning and development of the organization, supporting implementation and identifying new opportunities.

    MTS Globe Group Timeline

    1. 1967

      The first office was opened in Spain

    2. 1991

      Portugal was opened

    3. 1993

      Expansion to Tunisia and Bulgaria

    4. 1997

      New offices in Morocco

    5. 2001

      Turkey was added to the portfolio

    6. 2003

      Egypt was opened. Acquisition of first dynamic TO customer

    7. 2004

      OTS Globe was founded to cope with market changes after the birth of the Internet

    8. 2005

      First online booking received

    9. 2006

      First online hotel reservation in German market. New offices in Cape Verde Islands

    10. 2007

      Implementation of mobile contracting tool

    11. 2009

      Development of integration with UK customers. New offices in Cyprus & Malta

    12. 2014

      Rollout of fourth generation incoming agency and hotel trading systems

    13. 2015

      Company rebranding

    14. 2016

      Expansion to Mexico, Croatia and UAE